EAA Chapter 488 is about Fun, Friends and Flying !

Chapters are the gathering place where Members interact and participate in aviation activities at the local level. This is where the heart and spirit of the EAA is found 365 days a year. Chapters are a unique and essential element of the EAA. Without the International network of Chapters, the accomplishments of the EAA, its contribution to the world of sport aviation, and the value of membership would be greatly diminished.

Every EAA Chapter is unique. The specific interests of each Chapter’s membership tailor its activities and personality as an organization. However, every Chapter will deliver the following sources of value and enjoyment to its Members:

  • FRIENDSHIP EAA members are aviation enthusiasts. An EAA Chapter provides a forum for Members to come together at a local, personal level and share their interests and common love for aviation. This social interaction with kindred spirits is one of the most fundamental and rewarding reasons EAA Members join a Chapter.
  • CONNECTIONS A Chapter’s membership represents a wealth of aviation knowledge, skills and resources. The Chapter enables a network to develop where EAA Members may assist each other and share their expertise. This typically includes homebuilders working together, Technical Counselors and Flight Advisors providing their support. But, it also involves people with many other common aviation interests sharing their experiences and helping each other. Sharing of the skills, knowledge and experience of other EAA Members was one of the original, founding tenants of the EAA.
  • FUN & FLYING A Chapter provides a local, on-going activity base for EAA Members. Every EAA meeting is an aviation activity. In addition, the guest speakers, fly-ins, fly-outs, forums, workshops and a multitude of other activities EAA Chapters sponsor add to the count. One of the most popular Chapter activities is flying Young Eagles. Some activities are primarily for the benefit the local EAA Chapter Members, but frequently the larger aviation community is served as well. Chapters are the organizers of literally thousands of aviation activities and events annually – more aviation related activities than any other organization in the world.

EAA Chapter Members have access to people, services and activities they could never enjoy or accomplish on their own. Your EAA Membership is the invitation, so join your local Chapter and discover what other EAA Members in your area are already enjoying.

Join Us !

When: Chapter meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month 7:30pm

Where: Quincy Regional Airport (KUIN) terminal building, lower-level conference room or other locations as announced.


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